The Basics You Need to Know on Kitesurfing

Imagine the freedom of riding the waves, with the wind and salt spray on your face. Kitesurfing is a wind-powered water sport that uses a kite to pull you along on your board. It’s similar to kiteboarding, although, in kiteboarding, you are usually strapped into a board with bindings. Kiteboarding can be done on smooth lakes, while kitesurfing focuses on riding waves. In kitesurfing, you usually aren’t strapped into your board and the goal is to ride the wave breaks. 

When did it begin?

Kitesurf has been around in some form for quite a while. The patent for kitesurfing was founded by Gijsbertus Adrianu Panhuise in 1977. However, kitesurfing didn’t gain much popularity among the public until 1998, when a competition was held in Maui. This competition brought kitesurfing to the public eye. Recently, it was discussed adding kitesurfing to the 2016 Olympics, however, this was overturned, and as of now, it’s still considered a non-Olympic sport. 

How to get started?

You shouldn’t just jump on a kitesurf board and take off. It’s best to start with some beginner lessons before trying out this sport. A professional kitesurfer can get you started with the equipment, safety lessons and how to maneuver your board. With the proper instruction, you will be an independent kitesurfer in no time. 

Advantages of kitesurfing

Aside from being fun to jump and fly through the ocean waves, kiteboarding is an excellent workout. Kitesurfing combines balance, strength, and aerobics. It’s a great core workout, as you are constantly using your abdominal muscles. Also, the equipment is relatively easy to pack. You can fit your board and kites in a bag since the board is relatively short, it doesn’t take a van to transport. With the proper bag, you can check your kitesurf equipment on an airplane.

Do you need to be fit to get started?

You don’t need to be an extreme athlete to kitesurf. But you should be generally fit, as you need the stamina to stay on the board and avoid injuries.

If the thought of surfing along the waves propelled by the wind appeals to you, you can check out for all your kitesurfing needs. They can help set you up with the proper equipment required. It’s important to refer to the professionals to be sure you have the proper type of board and kite for your fitness and skill level. Let the experts guide you, and you will be ready for your next ocean adventure.